Main Building

Pacific Landmark Main HQ

Our main center of operations is located at 415 N Terminal Street. We house all of our designers, our CNC Machine, our fabrication machines, our architects, and our IT that helps are clients with any portal problems. Years ago, our founders Abby Hashemi and Ray Hashemi grew tired and frustrated with relying on outside services to complete their clients’ projects. These services were constantly sending wrong parts, making mistakes on planning, and causing projects to be postpones by weeks and sometimes eve months. Some of these services include cabinet manufacturing, designing, architectural planning, stone fabrication, etc. Now after 20 years of planning and constant polishing, we have unified all these services, and more, under one company name. We have in house designers, in-house architects, in-house cabinet craftsmen, and in-house stone fabricators.

At Pacific Landmark we do it right. Come in and visit us or give us a call at 714-973-8060.