Custom Cabinetry


At Pacific Landmark, time efficiency is one of our core values. We noticed early on that our customers would have to wait weeks for proper parts to be built for their cabinets and even longer if the part was wrong or damaged due to our lack of technology.

We recognized this was a major set back in our operations and a huge waste of our client’s time. Action had to be taken.

Therefore, in 1995, we made the commitment that we would design, edit, and manufacture cabinets so clients could enjoy their beautiful remodels and new homes in half the time while still maintaining quality work. Soon later we built our first, custom-made kitchen cabinet with our newly added Computer Numeric Control otherwise known as a CNC Machine.

Today, our continuously growing cabinet shop currently occupies an entire building at our HQ and is satisfying hundreds of customers with their remodels annually.

Styles of Cabinets We Offer

Although most don’t notice, cabinets play such an essential element in our households. We store our everyday clothing, utensils to eat, and even memories in these drawers made uniquely from each other. Because cabinets tend to take up a decent portion of a room, they have the ability to make a bold statement. In fact, it is proven to be the first thing our eyes are drawn to when entering a room. They make for the perfect impression for house guests and family during Thanksgiving and other holidays. Customers invest in custom cabinetry not only out of necessity and long lifespan for potential heritance, but for the beyond satisfaction of intricate designs and the most beautiful detailing that leaves goosebumps on your skin.

At Pacific Landmark, we are here to make your what may seem, wildest dreams, come to life and rightfully in your home. Your vision and choices of designs are endless! We welcome creativity and strive for excellence with utmost customer fulfillment. In addition to the popular Euro Design, we also provide Inset and Overlay Designs.

Pacific Landmark’s full-time cabinet craftsmen are experts in these three designs. They have over 20 years of experience bringing our clients visions to life and into their home for their home improvement/remodel.

Euro Design: Euro Design Cabinets are known to be very distinctive and unique because of the amount of high leveled modular craftsmanship that’ll allow easier access to frameless cabinets and maximizing storage space.

Overlay Design: Overlay style cabinets have the door and the cabinet headers completely outside the face frame displaying a flat cabinet front.

Inset Design: Inset features the drawer headers and doors are neatly fitted into the face frame. It is great for more traditional, contemporary looks with such a smooth overall appearance.