Stone Fabrication

Stone Fabrication guy

In order for a granite or stone counter top to look the way it does for your kitchen remodel or home improvement, it needs to be customized that way, and that can be done via the stone fabrication process. This is performed by a stone fabricator.

What is a stone fabricator?

The stone fabricator is the person that cuts and sells stone pieces for any type of remodeling. You just can’t use stone the way it arrives out of the quarry, it needs to be modified and adapted to your own needs in order for everything to work the way you want. That being said, the fabricator will use a multitude of stone materials, but he will usually process the stone for home or business use.

Preparing the stone Fabrication Process

First, the fabricator will have to acquire a slab. He can get that either from a wholesaler or via importing. Some stone fabricators are also extractors, but this is a rare situation, so importing is the way to go most of the time. This raw material can be acquired from multiple locations. Usually, quarries in the mountainous regions will be able to provide this type of product.

Once the large rock is acquired, it will be cut into smaller slabs. This will result in a piece of stone that’s very similar to the resulting counter top. One thing to notice here is that the fabricator will talk with the customer to figure out what slab works for his home improvement project. This is a time-consuming task because the stone fabricator needs to work with the customer in order to identify his requirements, and then he has to study every slab to see which one suits his needs the most.

What is included in the stone fabrication process?

We will have to perform a tactile and visual inspection of the slab. We will look for imperfection, fissures and cracks. These are all going to lower the integrity and value of that stone. After this analysis, the fabricator will start cutting the stone down to the desired thickness. Then we will polish and edge it to ensure that it’s suitable for the remodeling task.

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