Unlike most solar companies, we design, engineer and warrant every system.
Feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most efficient and reliable solar system available.


Would you deposit $20k into a bank account that pays you 23.5% interest every year? Of course, you would.  Here is how: Have a $20k solar system installed on your roof (about an 18-panel set). Your cost, after the 26% tax credit is $14,800.  You will generate about $290 per month of electricity (to offset your electric bill). So, $14,800 of your money will make $3480 every year.  That is about a 23.5% return on your investment. And, with the electric rate going up every year, your return will go up as well.


Our engineer will analyze your roof, shading and energy needs to customize a beautiful solar energy system that delivers you the maximum value.

COST/Benefit Analysis

Do you want to know exactly how much your investment could pay off? Look no further! The first step in our process is to provide you with a detailed cost-benefit analysis that allows you a birds eyed view of the financials involved,


Your solar energy system is installed with meticulous precision by the most experienced roofers and electricians who specialize on advanced solar energy systems.


Get a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption patterns, your home’s solar readiness and an explanation of the solar options that meet your goals.

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